Adam Garwacki

I work closely alongside people to improve visual and functional designs.

I enjoy pushing projects to their creative limits.

I’ve worked alongside several teams to help create projects. Since starting as a game designer, I have expanded my focus to include visual and user experience design.

UX Design

I analyze projects and how users engage with them to suggest improvements.

Game Design

I design, test, and polish video games to help players have better experiences.


I proofread and edit writing to make it more engaging and clear.

My Projects

Chain Attraction

A video game where you control magnets to move yourself using an iron ball.

PHS Research Study

A study analyzing the Peoria Humane Society's website and users, suggesting areas for its improvement, and proposing a solution to improve donations received from its supporters.

ACBU Marketing Portfolio

A variety of marketing materials created for the student-led Activities Council of Bradley University.

Strive for Improvement

Let’s get in touch today to unlock your project’s potential.

My Design Tools


I use Figma to design prototypes and documents for projects.


Using Unity, I build levels and improve gameplay in video game projects.


With WordPress, I build and design websites.

About Me

I’m a designer currently set on getting a 4-year degree in User Experience Design with a minor in Game Design. In my work, I like to focus on suggesting improvements for how projects are used and games are played, especially focusing on visual design and communication.